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Indonesian Activists Show Solidarity for People of Myanmar



Screenshot of a number of activists who are members of the Indonesian Milk Tea Alliance carrying out a solidarity action for the Myanmar people by hitting pots and practicing the three-finger greetings virtually, Sunday, February 28, 2021.

JAKARTA – A number of activists joined under a group dubbed the Milk Tea Alliance Indonesia declared their support for the struggle of the people of Myanmar in defying the military coup that has shattered the Southeast Asian nation. 

Their solidarity for the people of Myanmar was shown as they virtually gathered and started banging pans and showed support by making the three-finger salute several times on February 28, at around 20:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB). 

“The Milk Tea Alliance Indonesia intends to create a solidarity act. Amidst the pandemic this is what we were able to do,” said activist Safina Maulida.

Another notable human rights activist joining the solidarity movement was Veronica Koman who said that the Indonesian public are not standing still witnessing the conflict that has happened in Myanmar and asserts that what happens in ASEAN countries are highly influential towards Indonesia. 

Koman gave an example of the wave of protests in the Arab world that were proven infectious and could happen in any country in the world. “If revolutions can be contagious then why can’t militarism too?,” she said.

According to Veronica Koman, Indonesians must show support for the people of Myanmar by pressing the government to “speak louder” in helping resolve the situation in Myanmar and mentioned about the “ASEAN way” that must be overcome.


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