U.S. Embassy honors Women Of Change in Myanmar Reply

By Mizzima Friday 23 March 2018

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Burma

U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar Scot Marciel congratulated three recipients of the annual U.S. Embassy Women of Change Award yesterday. This award recognizes women whose work advances the rights of all people in Myanmar and demonstrates the U.S. commitment to the role of women in public life in this country. More…

Out of the shadows, into the shop in Myanmar Reply

By Nandar Aung The Myanmar Times  Thursday March 22, 2018

A graffiti artist puts the finishing touches on a mural or piece under a bridge on the Yangon circle line. Photo – Supplied

YANGON, Myanmar – Amid police crackdowns, a graffiti artist finds new ways to disseminate his art

For years, Yangon’s graffiti artists moved under the cover of darkness, perfecting the art of finding a wall, putting up their colourful mark and disappearing into the night before police even knew they were there. But it didn’t always go to plan, often becoming a game of cat and mouse with the authorities which occasionally resulted in coughing up a fine or worse, spending the night behind bars.  More…

Japan to build schools in conflict zones Reply

By Haw Betty Han The Myanmar Times 8 March 2018

A school in Mulon-Lone Hae village of Hopong township, Shan State. Naw Betty Han/The Myanmar Times

The Nippon Foundation has vowed to support education in troubled states in Myanmar as part of the Japanese government’s effort to help resolve the decades-old armed conflicts in the country. More…

300th school built by Nippon Foundation in Shan State, Myanmar Reply

By Mizzima Monday, 5 March 2018

Photo: Hong Sar/Mizzima

The Nippon Foundation has completed it 300th School in Shan State, state media reported on 5 March.

The post-primary school was built under an initiative to construct schools by the Ministry of Border Affairs and the Nippon Foundation.

According to the report, the Nippon Foundation has been providing assistance since 2002 to build or renovate schools and implement projects in the community to raise funds. He said the foundation was planning to expand the project into northern and southern Shan state and Kayah State to build some 120 schools.


From MIZZIMA (MYANMAR) Monday March 5, 2018


By JESSICHA VALENTINA The Jakarta Post Monday March 5, 2018

“Kabasaran”, a traditional Minahasan war dance, is among the cultural performances presented in Cap Go Meh Glodok 2018 festival on Sunday, March 4.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Back in Soeharto’s New Order government, it probably had never crossed the minds of Chinese-Indonesians that one day they could celebrate Cap Go Meh on the streets of Jakarta, as Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 14/1967 banned all Chinese cultural and linguistic expressions. Fortunately, former president Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) lifted the ban in 2001.

Fast forward to 2018, the long stretches of Jl. Hayam Wuruk and Jl. Gajah Mada in Central Jakarta were temporarily closed on Sunday. The busy streets were transformed into a carnival venue for the second installment of Cap Go Meh Glodok festival. More…

Indonesia group JKT48’s Melody named Japan-ASEAN Goodwill Ambassador Reply

THE JAKARTA POST Thursday March 1, 2018

Melody Nurramdhani Laksania is pictured with Japanese Ambassador to ASEAN Kazuo Sunaga in Jakarta on Wednesday, March 28, with the certificate officially naming her as Goodwill Ambassador for Japan-ASEAN Agriculture. (twitter.com/melodyJKT48/File)

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A member of the platoon-sized girl band JKT48, 26-year-old Melody Nurramdhani Laksania, was officially named the Goodwill Ambassador for Japan-ASEAN Agriculture by the Japanese government on Wednesday. More…

Myanmar contemporary art making up for lost time Reply


Two men look at abstract artworks on display in the Museum Activity Art Exhibition at the National Museum in Yangon. Aung Myin Ye Zaw/The Myanmar Times

YANGON, Myanmar – The national museum ends its 20 year-long policy of ignoring contemporary Myanmar artists

For the first time in more than 20 years, the National Museum in Yangon plans to grow its collection of contemporary Myanmar art.   More…

Indonesia’s Solo Batik Carnival 2018 shines light on batik diversity Reply

THE JAKARTA POST Fri February 16, 2018

A participant in the 10th Solo Batik Carnival 2017 shows off her costume for the crowd. This year, the carnival will feature batik from eight provinces in Indonesia. (JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi)

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) will be held in mid-June and aims to shine a light on the archipelago’s batik diversity with the theme “Ika Paramartha“. More…