Myanmar Minster Calls for Action to Save the Moken Reply

By NAN LWIN HNIN PWIN The Irrawaddy 20 November 2017

The number of Moken has fallen to fewer than 1,000 people as the nomadic group struggles with the erosion of their traditional way of living.

YANGON, Myanmar — Union Minister for Ethnic Affairs U Naing Thet Lwin has called for the creation of a special committee to save the Moken, who now number fewer than 1,000 people. More…

Music for Malaysia Reply

A concert celebrating 60 years of Merdeka (Independence)

(From left) Tazul Tajuddin Composer), Hao Zi Yoh (Pianist), Mei Yi Foo (Pianist),  Pei Ann Yeoh (violinist). Kharunnisa Diyana Md Noor, (soprano), Bobby Chen (pianist)


The Missing Post Office Reply

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Saya Kubota at Daiwa Foundation, London

Arttist Saya Kubota gave a talk on  her Missing Post Office project,  which receives and looks after letters that you want to write but don’t know where to send   at Daiwa Foundation, London, 9 February.

The Missing Post Office opened on the island of Awashima on 5 October 2013 and welcomes all to come and read their discarded messages of humanity. There are over 7,000 letters are under the care of the postmaster Mr Nakata.

The Missing Post Office welcomes unaddressed post cards and keeps them for eternity.

The Missing Post Office was created by artist Saya Kubota as a part of the Setouchi Art Festival around the Islands of the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture. It’s actually a renovated post office which closed down in 1991.

Ancient Irrawaddy Delta City Believed to be 2,300 Years Old Reply

By SALAI THANT ZIN / THE IRRAWADDY| Monday, February 22, 2016


Buddha statues and images of creatures from legends carved into stone walls at the site of what is speculated to be an ancient Pyu city in Irrawaddy Division. (Photo: Salai Thant Zin / The Irrawaddy

Most people know little of Myanmar’s ancient Pyu people but for the ruins of their civilization at Sri Ksetra, Halin and Beikthano in central Myanmar—the first sites in the country to receive UNESCO World Heritage status.

Now another ancient city in Lower Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta is believed to be as old as the Pyu sites, the size of which would have been greater than the old royal capital of Mandalay. More…