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SINGAPORE: Sex sells: Sugar Daddy juice bar entices customers with in-your-face raciness

Anna Maria Romero THE INDEPENDENT SG Fri, February 12, 2021

Netizens bemused how ads could be so raunchy, so sexy

SINGAPORE – Sex sells. It’s one of the best-known tricks in marketing. 

While the explicit advertising used by a new juice stall is certainly getting a lot of attention, some are wondering if the company has gone a step too far.

The ads and branding for smoothie and juice bar Sugar Daddy 甘爹 – Sugarcane Juice Specialist, located at Bukit Batok Crescent, have recently been featured in the media, with features in 8 Days Singapore, AsiaOne and others.

The company aims to bring “sugarcane juice to the next level”, its Facebook page says.

Indeed, the themes company uses are overtly sexual, starting from the name and logo.

Everyone nowadays knows what a sugar daddy is, and the company’s logo is that of a bearded man with eyes closed, mouth open and head thrown back in ecstasy.

Its tagline: “Pleasuring you with sugarcane.”

The explanation, “This is what we call the “sugarcane orgasm face”, guarantee you will have this face after drinking our exotic juice

The company, which opened on Jan 22, advertises its Thai Green Milk Tea as being “topped with our balls”, while the ad for Sugar Daddy’s Boba Thai milk tea begins with, “Like something thick and creamy in your mouth?”

One Facebook post enticed people with beverages that would “make you suck it dry”.

Recently the juice bar invited customers to “Cum baby! Daddy let you ong ong huat huat this Chinese New Year!” with its Ong Lai (pineapple) sorbet, which also they “top with our balls”.

Another advertisement shows a woman licking her lips, which are covered by a thick, cloudy liquid, and in two others a man’s fingers and a woman’s palms are covered in the same liquid, which the post says is “lychee puree.”

In other words, there is nothing subtle about Sugar Daddy at all. The in-your-face raciness has left netizens bemused, many of whom play along gamely. 

A screenshot of a conversation about Sugar Daddy was even featured on the SGAG Facebook page, which many netizens had fun with. It later went viral./TISG


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