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Malaysia – Free Malaysia Today is in Puchong

November 28, 2020

 “Believe in yourself no matter what life throws at you.”

Umapathy Gansian, 37, felt gutted when her 17-year-old mini store business went bust.

However, after the initial shock, she picked herself up and gave her all to another business venture instead.

She stocked her car with an assortment of murukku and began selling these popular snacks to residents of Puchong.

For almost a year, this enterprising single mother supported her family by driving around Puchong selling 14 types of nuts and nine types of murukku.

Umapathy says she is bent on opening a store again, a dream she has been painstakingly saving money for.

She believes that if one can stand on their own two feet without losing confidence in themselves, they are one step closer to achieving success.

FMT pics by Moganraj Villavan.

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