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Criminalization to Indonesia Indigenous Leader happens again

Mina Susana Setra

JAKARTA, Aug 26 – Criminalization to Indigenous Leader happen again today in Indonesia! Effendi Buhing, the Chief of Dayak Tomun in Kinipan-Lamandau, Central Kalimantan, was taken by police today by force. The police came fully armed, dragged him from his house in his village despite of wife, children and community members trying to defends him. Effendi Buhing is among six others who were arrested before him. Among the six was an indigenous youth, Riswan, who was arrested on 16 August.


Laman Kinipan territory, settlements and agricultural land in 2018 were evicted by an oil palm company, PT. SML (Sawit Mandiri Lestari), uses heavy equipment for the oil palm plantation. Prior to these arrests, the escalation of violence, terror and various forms of intimidation occured in the community. PT. SML uses the hands, uniforms and rifles of the police to silence Indigenous Peoples from fighting for their rights! Help their fight, share this to your network.

#savekinipan #savekinipanforest #sahkanruumasyarakatadat #JEGALOMNIBUSLAW #indigenouspeoples #centralkalimantan #kalimantan #kalimantantengah #forest #masyarakatadat #wilayahadat #sawit #indonesia #borneo #dayak

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