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Dear Mr. President: YouTuber Kimi Hime pleads with Jokowi following video removal

THE JAKARTA POST Thu, July 25, 2019

In her most recent video, Kimi asked the ministry which law she had allegedly violated.  (

Three videos on Kimi Hime’s controversial YouTube channel have been taken down by the Google-owned video-sharing company upon request from the Communications and Information Ministry due to their allegedly “vulgar” content.

Kimi reacted emotionally to news of the removal in a new video titled “DR MR. PRESIDENT JOKO WIDODO”, which was uploaded on Wednesday.

She said she had deliberately chosen provocative titles for three videos as clickbait, such as “STRIP CHALLENGE! DIE ONCE — TAKE OFF CLOTHES! — PUBG Mobile Indonesia”.

“The titles were merely clickbait. [In the now-deleted videos,] I never said I was going to take off the clothes I was wearing. I never did such a thing during the gameplay,” Kimi said in her latest video.

She claimed her videos had been unjustly removed because none of them actually contained “vulgar” footage. Furthermore, she said, she always explained what the titles of her videos actually referred to in their description box.

She explained that one of her deleted videos had a title that included the phrase “sticky substance”, which actually referred to cola.

“I was only referring to the sticky cola gun projectiles. It was a product endorsement video,” she said.

In her most recent video, Kimi asked the ministry which law she had allegedly violated.


“If the government deleted my videos on the vague basis of their own assumptions and opinions, then it’s a form of injustice,” she said.

“If any of you think that my content contains sexual references, that’s probably only in your head.”

The Communications and Information Ministry previously warned Kimi that it would take down and vulgar content on her YouTube channel. The ministry said it had contacted Kimi via email and Instagram direct message on Monday.

Ministry spokesman Ferdinand Setu said the ministry had received reports, including from several members of the House of Representatives, requesting to take down some of Kimi videos.

“The House Commission I requested that we take action [regarding Kimi],” Ferdinand said, as quoted by

Kimi Hime, whose real name is Kimberly Khloe, is a 29-year-old gaming YouTuber and social media personality. She records herself playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Mobile Legends, and uploads the videos to her social media accounts.

Currently, her YouTube and Instagram accounts have 2.2 million subscribers and 1.2 million followers, respectively. Her Facebook fan page @KimberlyHimehas amassed at least 892,000 followers. (rfa/kes)


From: THE JAKARTA POST Thursday, July 25, 2019

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