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Media Under Attack – How do journalists continue despite the dangers?

Speakers, from left: Richard Porter – Director of Internal Communications, EBRD (Chair), Isam Uraiqat – Co-founder & Editor, AlHudood, Rebecca Vincent – UK Bureau Director, Reporters Without Borders, Kasra Naji – Special Correspondent, BBC, Safa Al Ahmad – Freelance Journalist/Filmmaker. Photo Revi Pillai 

LONDON – Journalists and filmmakers are society’s watchdogs, ensuring government accountability and informing people of what is going on in the world around them. Yet they are increasingly under pressure to report against the backdrop of bans, threats and restrictions around the world.

Press freedom and independence, availability of an unrestricted stream of information to the public, and diversity in media are all vital in the functioning of fair and just societies.

Hosted by One World Media at EBRD, London, May 14, 2019,  the event brought together journalists who have had their work restricted, censored or banned, to discuss the fundamental importance of press freedom, look at the current state of press freedom around the world, and show how and why they have continued their work despite the challenges they have encountered.

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