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Beauty of Tolerance, Indonesia’s Kendari Hindus Distribute Takjil for Muslims

Ricky Mohammad Nugraha TEMPO.CO May 16, 2019

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Just minutes before sunset to the time Muslims break their fast, SD 17 Baruga (Elementary school) student Ni Kadek Syhirastika, wearing an orange traditional dress, joined her parents and other local Hindu community in the center of a Kendari City junction to distribute light snacks known as takjil for Muslims passing by.

Constant smiles from the 7-year old girl is seen throughout the process of distributing takjil snacks to Mosque management. “I am not fasting but these are for those who do,” she said.

Her parents are joined in Southeast Sulawesi’s Kendari City Hindu community harmony and often participate in such activities during Ramadan. On Wednesday afternoon, the takjil snacks were handed to motorists passing the junction at Abunawas Mandonga Street and people that have gathered at the Al-Muhajirin Mosque.

This attracted ample attention from locals as the Hindu community wore attractive traditional Balinese clothing.

“This is my first time seeing this. I am very touched by the immense tolerance from other communities,” said Asrul Mekuo, a passerby who received a takjil.

Leader of the Southeast Sulawesi Hindu youths Gede Pande Okadana (30) said that it is their third time holding this event, which stays true to its first initiation upon preserving harmony and interreligious tolerance.

Okadana said Kendari, as the province’s capital, is the representation of pluralism where a wide range of ethnic groups and religious backgrounds have lived in harmony side-by-side for years.


From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) Thursday May 16, 2019

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