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Bigger Thingyan celebrations in Mandalay this year

Kyaw Ko Ko The Myanmar Times Wed March 6, 2019

Last year’s Thingyan celebration in Mandalay. Photo – Kyaw Ko Ko

Mandalay city will expand the area set aside for the April 13-16 Thingyan festival to the eastern moat around Mandalay Palace, said the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).

“Areas near the moat in Mandalay are the most crowded every year during Thingyan. Last year, Thingyan was celebrated along the southern moat, and fewer pavilions (stages from which water is sprayed at revellers) were allowed. This year, the celebration area will include the eastern moat near 66th street,” said committee member U Kyaw San Myint.

“The celebration area is being expanded because too many people crowded into one area on 26th street at last year’s event. This year’s event will feature water spraying in ethnic costumes, food, and traditional dances,” he said.

Pavilions 30 metres long will be located on the western and northern moats, with 17 pavilions along 80th street from 12th to 26th streets, and 10 pavilions along 12th street from 76th to 66th streets. The stages will be auctioned off.

Last year’s Thingyan celebration in Mandalay. Photo – Kyaw Ko Ko

Also, 218 lots with pavilions will be available for businesses to rent for K500,000 each on a first-come, first-served basis. Businesses will be allowed to operate them around the clock during the festival.

“We have to make not only downtown but everywhere else lively. There will be chanting competitions, dancing and other events. People can celebrate all day long,” said U Kyaw San Myint.

The commercial pavilions along the western and northern moats are prohibited from selling drinks and having enclosures.

Translated By Zar Zar SoeLwin Bo Aung

From: THE MYANMAR TIMES (Myanmar) Wed March 6, 2019

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