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58 Political Dynasties Developing in Indonesia: ICW

By VINDRY FLORENTIN TEMPO.CO Saturday 7 January, 2017

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Coordinator of the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) Adnan Topan Husodo said there are 58 political dynasties developing in Indonesia.

“There are 58 political dynasties spread in various regions in the country. The most phenomenal one is the one in Banten Province,” Adnan said in Jakarta on Saturday (7/1).

In Banten province, Andika Hazrumy, son of former Banten province Atut Chosiyah, was elected as Banten Deputy Governor, South Tangerang mayor Airin Rachmi Diany is Atut’s sister in law, while Serang Regency Tatu Chasanah is Atut’s younger sister.

According to Adnan, political dynasties have big potentials to give rise to corruption.

“Politicians who grow in political dynasties tend to be corrupt compared to other politicians who grow without involving their relatives,” he said.

In the meantime, Robert Endi Jaweng, Coordinator of the Regional Autonomy Implementation Monitoring Committee, said political dynasties in regional governments do not bring benefits for the regions.

According to him, with political dynasties, the development of the region is at stake.

“There is no region that can develop under the leadership of a political dynasty,” Endi said.

Endi also said that political dynasties pave the way for corruption due to the absence of supervision. Leadership among members of a family in a political dynasty, he said, loosens the supervision function.

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