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Stop TTIP – Parliament Square London

Over 1000 protested against the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in London, Parliament Square, 11 October. The banner Save Our Democracy said it all.

And there were over 400 actions. in 22 different countries for The Europe Wide Day of Action Against TTIP.

2014 - Stop TTIP  - 11.10.2014 - 006     2014 - Stop TTIP  - 11.10.2014 - 007

TTIP, the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (called TAFTA – Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement in the US) is a ‘free trade’ agreement between the world two biggest economies, being negotiated now.

2014 - Stop TTIP  - 11.10.2014 - 009     2014 - Stop TTIP  - 11.10.2014 - 013
TTIP was initiated in total secrecy and only now that it’s existence is known to the public

2014 - Stop TTIP  - 11.10.2014 - 011      Stop TTIP – Parliament Square London

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