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Hong Kong protest outside Chinese embassy in London

Demonstrators gathered outside the Chinese embassy in London to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, 1 October.
Organisers of the London protest said 4,000 people gathered to show people in Hong Kong “they are not alone”.
Many carried umbrellas, the symbol of protests in the former British colony.1 HK 2     1 HK 3
Thousands of people took to the streets in Hong Kong after China said it would vet candidates for a leadership election in 2017.
The protest in London shared many of the characteristics of the movement in Hong Kong. Many of the demonstrators outside the Chinese embassy were young and recorded the scenes on their mobile phones.

1 HK 4    1 HK 5
Many held aloft yellow umbrellas, the powerful symbol that has earned the movement in the former colony the nickname the umbrella revolution. Others carried placards and banners demanding “Democracy by 2017” – the year the next chief executive is due to be elected.

1 HK 6
Among those gathered were expats from Hong Kong and others here studying.
All spoke passionately about the prospects for democracy in the former British colony and their hopes for the future. And they were clear in their intention – to show people in Hong Kong that they had international support.
The London organisers said the turnout had “exceeded expectations”. Portland Place was partly closed by the protest.

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