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The Korean Cultural Centre UK presents ‘Our Friendly Neighbours’

2022 - KCCUK - Neighbours - 8.9.2022 - 0009

Bang & Lee

The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) and Art Center Nabi co-presents ‘Our Friendly Neighbours’, an exhibition featuring recent works by Yiyun Kang, the artist duo Bang & Lee and Jinjoon Lee.

‘‘Our Friendly Neighbours’ focuses on the connection between art, technology, and the environment. This exhibition questions the role of technology as a powerful tool for both connection and control. Exploring the themes of commonality, harmony, and empathy, the exhibition asks attendees to consider both the neighbourhood and how people can form shared value systems in today’s secular, ever increasingly individualist society.

The exhibition runs from September 8 – November 5, 2022 at Korean Cultural Centre UK, London.

2022 - KCCUK - Neighbours - 8.9.2022 - 0002

Artwork: Bang & Lee

Pictures: Revi Pillai

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