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Cracks develop in Cambodia opposition’s bid for alliance

Hang Punreay  Khmer Times Fri, July 29, 2022

Even before they started

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Sin Chanpov Rozet, a Candlelight Party official and the second deputy chief of Battambang province’s O’Char commune. Chor Sokunthea

PHNOM PENH – Opposition parties seeking for alliance and cooperation before the 2023 National Assembly Election drew ire among some activists, especially from the Candlelight Party (CP).

The reactions came a day after Grassroots Democratic Party (GDP), Candlelight Party, Kampucheaniyum Party (KP), Khmer Will Party (KWP) and the Cambodia Reform Party (CRP) announced their intention to form an alliance to participate in the 2023 national election.

“Under the present circumstances, there is no need for us to unite with any party,” said Sin Chanpov Rozet, a Candlelight Party official and the second deputy chief of Battambang province’s O’Char commune.

“We are not foolish to form alliance with dishonest people who attack our boss. Alliance proposals lack strategy,” she added. Another CP activist named Reachini Chhneom said on her Facebook account: “When they found us useless, they ran away and formed a new party. Now when they see things are improving, they are seeking for refuge.”

She reminded, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. There shouldn’t be running away from each other during suffering”, and noted that everyone must be honest in the alliance.

In a statement, Kong Monika, president of KWP, said yesterday that the GDP initiated the formula to form an alliance for the benefit of a multi-party liberal democracy ahead of the upcoming 2023 election.

 “It is a positive thought. Based on the results of the 2022 commune election, the Candlelight Party has the advantage of being the leading political party to initiate and lead discussions on coalition in accordance with the goals and objectives of the people and democratic forces,” Monika said.

Responding to the difference of opinion in the CP, Yang Saing Koma, co-founder of the GDP, said: “Good initiative always faces difficulty. It takes time and we need to work together for the long-term benefit for all. It requires a compromise with patience and dedication.”

“Our goal is not to grab seats from the parties in the alliance, but to help each other so that all the partner parties can win more seats for the alliance. By merging, we can become a major political force in the National Assembly. If the minor parties cooperate, they can also win seats.”

Political analyst Seng Sary said on his Facebook that CP leadership should acknowledge their party workers and those from other parties to ensure that they are united.

GDP spokesman Loek Sothear said: “Do not think that an alliance of political parties is like a rivalry or taking shelter at someone’s house. This idea leads to hostility among one another.”

Sothear said that Candlelight Party alone could not challenge the ruling CPP, so it needs the support of other parties to achieve a common goal.

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SOURCE: Khmer Times Fri, July 29, 2022

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