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UK becomes ASEAN’s newest dialogue partner, ending 25-year moratorium

Dian Septiari The Jakarta Post Fri, August 6, 2021

 The United Kingdom has officially become ASEAN’s 11th dialogue partner, officials announced on Thursday, ending the regional bloc’s 25-year moratorium on awarding third parties its highest institutional partnership status.

ASEAN foreign ministers met with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab virtually on Thursday, in the midst of a British charm offensive in Asia that it unleashed in 2018 as part of its post-Brexit strategy.

The UK officially submitted its application to become an ASEAN dialogue partner in June last year, and since then the country has attended two ministerial meetings with ASEAN, as well as hosting fellow Commonwealth partner Brunei as ASEAN’s chair this year at the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meeting in May.

Raab touted ASEAN as an influential group of 10 nations in the Indo-Pacific.

SOURCE – The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, Fri, August 6, 2021

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