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Singapore Auntie yells ‘get out of my country’ at foreign couple, calls them ‘white tr*sh’

Hana O THE INDEPENDENT SG Tue, May 4, 2021

Photo: Instagram screengrab/singapore_incidents

Netizens say Singaporeans are ‘better than this’

SINGAPORE – A woman was spotted shouting at a foreign couple, telling them to “get out of my country” and “get out of Singapore.” She also called them derogatory names such as white tr*sh.

On Saturday (May 1), Instagram page Singapore_incidents uploaded a video that has sparked backlash among netizens for its xenophobic nature.

A woman in a white shirt could be seen engaging with a female and a male cyclist walking beside their bicycles.

The female cyclist was heard saying to the auntie they were from the area and lived nearby.

The auntie then removes her phone and directs it at the duo.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/singapore_incidents

She follows the cyclists as they make their way, hopping and shouting, “Get out of my country, get out of Singapore.”

Photo: Instagram screengrab/singapore_incidents

“Get out, get out, get out…my country, get out,” the woman shouted while pointing her finger at the cyclists.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/singapore_incidents

Eventually, she was heard calling them “white tr*sh.”

Some of the passers-by were wearing masks in the video, so the incident took place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The incident appeared to have taken place near Keppel Bay based on the railings and façade of the nearby buildings.

In response to the post shared by Singapore Uncensored on Facebook, members of the online community urged others not to be xenophobic. “Singapore prides itself as a country that promotes racial harmony,” noted one Zhi Yin.

“If Singaporeans are not open to foreign companies and yet we Singaporeans do not have enough entrepreneurs to create jobs for our own countrymen, Singapore will suffer eventually,” added the concerned individual.

Others noted that Singaporeans are “better than this.” /TISG


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