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Cambodia Prime Minister says shop local

Sen David / Khmer Times Wed, April 7, 2021

A handmade Cambodian bag.

PHNOM PENH – Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged people to buy and use local products, to promote Cambodia’s national prestige.

Mr Hun Sen released a statement yesterday, to celebrate Cambodian-made products day on Friday, April 9, under the theme “Being united in buying and using Khmer products to be united in enhancing national prestige.”

He said that Cambodian-made products day is a way to raise the awareness for people to promote the use and purchase of Khmer products.

He added that the government is very proud of the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce’s National Committee for the Promotion of the One Village Movement and all relevant ministries and institutions that work together to encourage others to buy and use Cambodian products throughout the country.

Mr Hun Sen also highlighted the importance of strengthening and expanding domestic production in agriculture, agro-industry and services during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

He called on all relevant authorities to work together and coordinate smoothly to promote the use of Cambodian products, and to promote a broad understanding of the quality of Cambodian products by providing skills, product safety, processing and packaging training for producers, to improve product quality.

He said relevant authorities must collaborate with the private sector to organise online marketing and assist sales and displays for Cambodian products at product exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, he added that relevant officials must jointly develop a roadmap of the Commerce Ministry’s One Village, One Product programme in order to ensure sustainability of products and that they reflect both traditional and modern culture.

The Minister of Commerce also sees COVID-19 as an opportunity for further reform guided by the government’s rectangular strategy to accelerate national growth and boost trade.

Minister Pan Sorasak said this recently, while presiding over the opening of the ministry’s 2020 work review and 2021 planning.

Cambodia can seize the opportunity to boost local production to meet the emerging demand and diversify exports, he said.

Cambodia’s exports in 2020 rose by 16 percent, he added, and the country has managed to enter bilateral free trade agreements, promoted intellectual property rights and consumer protection, and digitalised platforms for more effective and efficient business operation.

At the same time, Sorasak said, the ministry continues to build the capacity of its officials to meet both regional and global challenges and deeper reform.

Teang Eng, a representative of a local Khmer bag producer “Palilay”, thanked the government for promoting Khmer products.

She said that for more than two years, her team has been working hard to find a variety of materials for the “Palilay” bag. Palilay Handicraft has been supported and recognised by many customers, both national and international.

“I am really proud to show Cambodian products and culture for the world to know more. This clearly shows that Cambodians are highly willing not to give up the dream of struggling with perseverance that ‘Khmer we can do’ to promote our own products,” she said.

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SOURCE – Khmer Times, Cambodia Wed, April 7, 2021

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