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THAILAND – Legal cannabis restaurant opens in Pattaya area, second this month

By Goong Nang(GN) THE PATTAYA NEWS Saturday,  March 20,  2021

BANGLAMUNG – Another legal cannabis restaurant has been opened in Banglamung over the past week, the second this month following a legal herbal shake shop with a few food items.

The restaurant, ‘Aroi Kan Rong Poa’, has been legally opened in Banglamung.

The restaurant owner, Ms. Anchalee Chomchuen, 49, told The Pattaya News, “I used to be a Thai traditional actress in Chachoengsao before I moved to Banglamung.”

“I had previously opened a restaurant popular with Thais and foreigners, including tourists, but later it was closed due to the Covid – 19 pandemic and resulting lack of customers,” Anchalee explained.

“I decided to open a restaurant again but this time a cannabis restaurant, as I identified the strong demand from the public to try legal cannabis dishes. We have a variety of food and drinks including cannabis ingredients. We have obtained all the proper licenses and meet all the proper health department regulations.” Anchalee continued.

“The restaurant is open daily from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M The restaurant is located in Baan Rong Poa or you can contact us at 065-592 3982 and 062-463 2338.” Anchalee concluded.

SOURCE – THE PATTAYA NEWS, THAILAND Saturday,  March 20,  2021

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