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S Korea calls for return of democracy in Myanmar, arms embargo

By Mizzima Sun,  March 14, 2021

Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi

The South Korean government has expressed concern over the violence in Myanmar and is calling for a return to democracy in the country.

The Korean government has reiterated its support for restoration of democracy in Myanmar as well as respect for Myanmar people’s aspiration for democracy. The Korean government also called for an immediate release of those detained including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, an end to violence against civilians, and a peaceful resolution of the situation in adherence with a lawful and democratic process.

Despite repeated calls from the international community, including the Korean government, use of violence by the military and police forces of Myanmar has resulted in numerous casualties. In response, the Korean government has decided to undertake the following measures.

First, the Korean government will suspend new exchanges and cooperation in the field of defense and security with Myanmar.

Second, the Korean government will not permit export of military supplies to Myanmar, and will strictly control export of dual-use items. There has not been any case of export of military supplies to Myanmar since January 2019.

Third, the Korean government will review development assistance to Myanmar. However, the government will continue to provide support projects which are directly linked to the livelihoods of the people of Myanmar as well as humanitarian assistance.

The Korean government has been closely monitoring the situation in Myanmar while closely cooperating with important partners including the United States and ASEAN. We will continue to exert efforts to contribute to the restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

In particular, the Korean government will continue to review contingency plans while paying special attention to protection of Korean citizens and companies in Myanmar.

The Korean government also plans to implement, as necessary, special humanitarian measures to permit Myanmar nationals residing in the Republic of Korea to extend their stay until the situation stabilizes in Myanmar.

Myanmar nationals who face difficulties extending their visas will be permitted to stay under temporary status. Myanmar nationals whose visa has already expired will not be subject to enforced departure and will be allowed to depart voluntarily after the political situation eases in Myanmar.

SOURCE:  Mizzima Myanmar Sun,  March 14, 2021

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