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Coconut Water Becomes Overnight Aphrodisiac in Laos and Thailand

By Phayboune Thanabouasy THE LAOTIAN TIMES Fri, February 12, 2021

The 4000 Islands by Kayak – Laotian Times Creator: Phoonsab_Thevongsa 


Fresh coconut water has become an overnight sensation in Laos and Thailand due to a belief that it helps to improves sexual performance in men.

Social media has been awash with coconut memes across Laos and Thailand after a middle-aged woman in Thailand filed for divorce from her 64-year-old husband, saying drinking coconut juice daily had caused his sexual appetite to grow out of control.

PMT studio

Police said the woman’s husband reportedly requested sex four to five times per day.

The story spread very quickly across Thailand on Monday, with memes popping up across Thai and Lao social media. According to a report by Thairath Online News, the story has been good news for coconut vendors, with sales jumping and prices rising.

In Laos, popular social media page, Tholakhong reported similar findings, as people rush to buy coconut water and put the theory to the test.

SOURCE: THE LAOTIAN TIMES, LAOS Fri, February 12, 2021

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