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Overseas Vietnamese: Inseparable part of the nation

Linh Pham HANOI TIMES Fri,  Feb 05, 2021

 The 2021 Homeland Spring Program held in Hanoi on February 4. Photo: Vietnam News Agency 

HANOI – PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc highlights the Overseas Vietnamese community’s contribution in all sectors and aspects, especially in the context of the pandemic and floods in the central region in 2020.

Overseas Vietnamese people are inseparable part of Vietnam, making great contribution to the country’s development, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has reaffirmed.

Overseas Vietnamese people remain part of the nation despite their places of residence, whether in Vietnam or abroad, and they are the descendants of the same ancestors, Mr. Phuc said in a message conveyed at the Homeland Spring 2021, the annual art program held for overseas Vietnamese (OV) on the occasion of Tet holiday or the Lunar New Year.

At an artistic function held at the Hanoi Opera House on February 4 to express gratitude Vietnamese expatriate and celebrate the Lunar New Year, Mr. Phuc said that the combination of both domestic and overseas strengths would help form stronger Vietnam to catch up with global powers.

He expressed regret for a few comeback of overseas Vietnamese due to the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that Vietnam welcomed nearly 90,000 returning citizens in the pandemic.

The PM highlighted in his speech the contributions by the OV community which is around 5.3 million, saying that the Party and State always honor their contributions made in all sectors and aspects, especially in the context of the pandemic and floods in the central region in 2020.

Notably, the accumulative remittance for the past five years reached nearly US$75 billion, becoming the valuable source for the national GDP growth of 2.8% in 2020 amid the global economic slowdown. Vietnam posted a trade surplus of US$20 billion out of US$540 billion worth of the total trade in 2020. So far, the country is home to more than 33,000 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects costing an investment of US$385 billion.

“I hope that Vietnam will receive more contributions by the OV community in 2021, the first year for Vietnam’s next five-year socio-economic development plans (2021-25), 10-year strategy by 2030 and a vision to 2045, the year in which Vietnam expects it will be listed among high-income countries.

Vietnam’s OV affairs

On March 26, 2004, the Politburo, the supreme body of the Communist Party of Vietnam, issued Resolution 36-NQ/BCT (Resolution 36) on OV affairs, affirming the Vietnamese community abroad is an indivisible part of the nation.

Vietnam has adopted regulations on citizenship, immigration, education, accommodation, social welfare, among others, while difficulties in legal status of Vietnamese expatriates in some areas have been gradually removed.

Cultural programs have been promoted with the aim of preserving and disseminating traditional culture through the establishment of Vietnamese cultural centers abroad and numerous festivities. Notably, teaching the Vietnamese language has been expanded while traditional religious practices are also encouraged.

Local authorities have boosted the dissemination of updated policies on OV affairs and facilitated the coverage of the country’s big events for OV reporters.

Numerous activities strengthening the nationalism and bonds with the nation have been organized domestically and abroad like Homeland Spring, Expatriates Visiting Truong Sa Islands, Summer Youth Camp, Gathering for Tet Holiday, Vietnam’s Cultural Day, Arts Programs, and National Holidays.

A lot of persuasion and facilitation has been made to those who have biased thinking, encouraging them to return to the country to visit their relatives and witness the nation’s progress.

A number of policies have been made to draw intellectual OV, mainly young people, and to tackle problems for overseas Vietnamese businesses, scientists, experts, and investors who return for research, doing business and making investment.

More individuals are welcomed to participate in the country’s important agencies and think-tanks like the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, among others.


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