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CAMEROON There is need to worry about the future

BAMENDA, Tue, Oct 27.2020It is our actions now towards a safer future that matters.

To survive the next financial crisis, we need to become as self-sufficient as possible.Ideally within a community of like minded people.There is a need to unite forces and feed our communities through a sustainable system.

There has been issues to worry about. Covid-19 was just the beginning – deforestation is still on the rise, increasing the human exposure to viruses and bacteria .Remember how some countries ran out of food stuff when the pandemic hit? If the lockdowns and border closures had continued unabated for a full year, two years, countries that are net-importers of food would have starved.

This year the entire world had a very rude awakening that there will come a time in the near future when you won’t be able to BUY food – no matter how much money you have. Of course what are we doing as organic farmers to get way ahead of the “worry-curve”? Most of us have been worried about the food security of our families for years or even decades.It is time for us to unite and build an ecologically resilient system of farms and forests that is self-sufficient for all .

Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Farming and Development Center is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in  Cameroon, promoting sustainable agriculture and natural resources management, community health and safety, women and youth empowerment & humanitarian aid.

Source: Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Farming and Development Cente

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