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Indonesian fashion house highlights batik at Milan Fashion Week

The Jakarta Post Sun, September 27, 2020

Maquinn Couture’s collection is presented at Milan Fashion Week (Instagram/maquinnofficial/File)

Fashion house Maquinn Couture presented its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week 2020 on Saturday as the only representative from Indonesia.

As reported by, the brand’s creative director Janice Setyawan considered the opportunity “something unexpected” and described the pilgrimage-themed collection as an acculturation of Indonesian and European styles.

The house chose Batik Pekalongan to highlight Indonesian culture and has used cotton and silk as the main materials and employed traditional techniques in the motifs and finishing process.

“We aim to bring batik one step forward and mix it up with modern culture from other countries,” Janice told a virtual press conference on Saturday.

Indonesian Ambassador to Italy Esti Andayani praised the concept as “very original.”

“We’re proud of the effort done by these two young people [Janice and Benita Setyawan] from Maquinn Couture. We’re also looking for other young talents to introduce more Indonesian wastra [traditional fabric] to the world,” said Esti as quoted by, adding that the Indonesian Embassy was ready to support the designers in entering the Italian market.

“For Janice and Benita, do continue to create and innovate and follow the trends without leaving behind our own culture,” Esti said. (kes)

Source: The Jakarta Post, Indonesia Sun, September 27, 2020


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