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Morning Market Demolition Draws Public Ire in Laos’ capital Vientiane

By Phayboune Thanabouasy THE LAOTIAN TIMES Tue, September 8, 2020

The original Morning Market building in Vientiane Capital has been slated for demolition, however the public has taken to social media against the decision.

The historic U-shaped Morning Market building, known as Talat Sao in Lao language, is set to be demolished under a new plan announced by the government on 29 August.

Many members of the public, however, disagree with the plan.

According to a report in the Vientiane Times, residents have taken to social media to express their concerns; many feel the building should be preserved as part of national heritage.

The original Morning Market building opened in May 1963, serving the population of Vientiane Capital as its largest, central fresh produce market.

The Morning Market Mall I and II

Because the morning market complex is situated in a prime location in central Vientiane and is a center for many types of trading, there has been interest in redevelopment by various investors.

A 40-year concession agreement on the site of the market was signed in May this year with plans to develop a modern market by Chinese investment firm, Hua Xin Development Company.

The investor plans to move vendors located in the historic U-shaped building to Morning Market Mall I and II, where their retail lease payments will be waived for nine months. The U-shaped building will then be demolished to make way for a new structure.

The Morning Market is the latest of a number of historic buildings to be pulled down in the capital to pave the way for modern developments.

The KPL News building, formerly the American Center building built in 1968, was recently demolished.

Source: THE LAOTIAN TIMES, LAOS Tue, September 8, 2020

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