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Major Political Parties Pledge Support for Indonesia President Jokowi’s Son Gibran Rakabuming

AHMAD RAFIQ TEMPO.CO, 10 August 2020

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) has officially announced its endorsement for President Joko Widodo’s son Gibran Rakabuming who is running for the Solo (Surakarta) regional head election along with running-mate Teguh Prakoso.

The announcement comes after the Gerindra Party also announced its support for the PDIP-backed candidates. Both Gerindra and PDIP have been fierce rivals in the national level prior to this.

“This recommendation was signed by the PSI chairperson and the secretary-general on August 7,” said PSI’s Solo branch chairman Antonius Yogo Prabowo on Monday, August 10, 2020.

Antonius believed that PSI will be able to contribute to the electability of Gibran-Teguh in the upcoming regional head election after one of its representatives was able to be elected into the Solo City Legislative Council.

Gibran Rakabuming thanked the official support and believed that the official recommendation from PSI will add to their strength in winning the upcoming election. “I highly appreciate PSI for this recommendation,” Gibran said.

Source: TEMPO.CO, INDONESIA August 10, 2020

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