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 Photos of all dolled up Malaysia You Tuber S. Pavithra stun fans and followers

By Tahir Alhamzah New Straits Times June 24, 2020

Pavithra in one of the photos for the portal Pepatung. — Instagram/pepatungmy

KUALA LUMPUR: Looking every inch the model, S. Pavithra of the popular YouTube duo Sugu Pavithra, looked stunningly elegant in the photos taken for an interview and photoshoot with a lifestyle portal recently.

Beautiful photos of the 28-year-old homemaker who was given a professional makeover, have left fans and followers pleasantly surprised, and in awe of her sharp features.

“I was just fulfilling the request by the portal. For me, that would be my first and last photoshoot,” she said, dismissing talks of her eyeing a career in modelling next.

“Becoming a model never ever crossed my mind…. I will never be a model. I just want to carry on with my cooking routine and sharing my videos, besides dutifully carrying out my responsibility as a wife and a mother,” she added.

While the husband-and-wife team has been garnering traction on the Internet of late with their cooking videos, Netizens were recently surprised by the beautiful photos of the mother of two which were shared on social media.

Many agreed that the Buntong-born is blessed with sharp features, perfect to adorn the glossy pages of women’s magazines.

“I’m just a regular person and I’m comfortable being so. I don’t even want to appear on TV too,” she said, hinting about the recent hoopla of her demanding a RM10,000 fee for an hour-long TV appearance.

The Sugu Pavithra YouTube channel, created on Jan 28, has 730,000 subscribers to date.


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