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Miss World Malaysia finalist is frontline doctor at Putrajaya Hospital

By Dennis Chua New Straits Times Wed, April 15, 2020

Miss World Malaysia 2019 Dr Nisha Thayananthan is working tirelessly at the Putrajaya Hospital treating patients of the respiratory illness. – Pix source: Instagram/nisharaspberries

KUALA LUMPUR: Miss World Malaysia 2019 finalist Dr Nisha Thayananthan is at the forefront of the battle against the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus.

The medical practitioner is working tirelessly at the Putrajaya Hospital treating patients of the respiratory illness.

Dr Nisha has also been distributing essential goods, such as rice, cooking oil and milk to the needy in the federal capital and her hometown of Seremban.

“It is always better to give than to receive. My parents have always encouraged me to help the less fortunate, and I’ve been involved in charitable and humanitarian work in the past,” she said in a news report today.

Dr Nisha added that many needy people have contacted her for assistance since the global pandemic began earlier this year.

“I usually use my own money to help them. My mother manages a home for the elderly as well as a shelter for abandoned pet animals in Petaling Jaya.

“Since the global pandemic emerged, my friends and I at the hospital have been working day and night treating the sick, and staying away from our loved ones.

“As a doctor, I help promote awareness of the coronavirus, and advise the public to stay at home to be safe,” she said.

Dr Nisha’s work as a frontliner mirrors that of another beauty queen who returned to medical practice to help Covid-19 patients.

Miss England 2019 Dr Bhasha Mukherjee returned to the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom shortly after the pandemic began, and is currently serving in hospitals around her country.

Those interested to help the disadvantaged affected by Covid-19 can contact Dr Nisha via her email:

From: NEW STRAITS TIMES, MALAYSIA Wed, April 15, 2020

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