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Doctors, medical students entertain people at quarantine centre by singing

By Phu Ei Ei Nwe Mizzima Sat, Apr 4, 2020

People under facility quarantine listen to the music from their balconies. Photo credit to Thein Htein

Doctors and medical students at quarantine centre number 14 entertained the people with songs to help alleviate their stress as they see out their 14-day holding period to check whether they have the COVID-19 virus.

The quarantined people came out on their balconies and cheered the singers.

Aung Htet who is under facility quarantine at Hline centre wrote in a post on social media: “We heard the singing and then we came out to the balcony and saw them singing outside on the ground. They said that they were doctors and medical students and they came here to entertain us with songs.”

“I thought what kind of people they are, giving us pleasure and happiness. They donated their voice besides their medical service. We had a happy and joyful interaction with them at this moment from our room balcony. A lot of love, kindness and heart with humanity are still left for us in this world. One thing is certain. Our world has not yet ended.”

A video of the event was posted on social media and received many likes and comments, appreciating the gesture by the volunteers.

From: MIZZIMA, MYANMAR Sat, Apr 4, 2020

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