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OPEN CALL: 30 March 2020 – 12 April 2020
LIVE: 20 April 2020 (20:00 GMT) for 24 hours on Youtube and Facebook
Donation Link:
Open Call Information:
Facebook Event Page:

Monologues From My Bedroom is an online theatre performance that showcases 6
– 8 curated new and inspired writing from actors all around the world. Following the
roots of both collaborating companies, the focus will be on showcasing diverse
stories and minority voices not just in the UK, but from every corner of the world.
With our public theatres dark, it is needed now, more than ever for us to remind
ourselves of the essence of what makes theatre; a performer, an audience, and a
Monologues From My Bedroom wants to keep actors and audience connected and
engaged during this time of uncertainty and bring new light to how, despite having
limited physical resources, we have access to the unlimited source of creativity,
imagination, and heart within all of us.
Collaborating Companies
RUMAH means (HOME) in Malay. An initiative to open up spaces for integration and
to meet the increasing demand for representation, new audiences and a
fundamental comprehension of the wealth of artists from the Asian diaspora in
London & the minority voices in Singapore.
Cognatus is a company of international female performing artists who wants to
explore universal themes through our different cultures, languages and through a
woman’s perspective. One of our main aims is to empower communities through
workshops, open forums and platforms that encourage self expression.

Submission Guidelines
Important Dates
– Open Call on Monday, 30th March 2020
– Submission Deadline is on Sunday 12th Of April 2020
– Chosen monologues will be notified by Wednesday 15th Of April and will be LIVE
on Monday 20th April, 2020.
What is Accepted?
– We will be prioritising Monologues written by participants from a diverse and
minority background, but everyone is welcome!
– The pieces must be performed by you and recorded in your bedroom.
– The length of the piece should be between 5 -10 minutes.
Where will the video clips be shown?
– We will be using regular social media platforms and YOUTUBE to stream the
chosen monologues.
Is This a paid opportunity?
– We will be putting a ‘pay what you can’ donation link to pay a small remuneration
for the chosen monologues
– All money from ‘the pot’ will be divided equally amongst the participants and
organisers/producers (RUMAH x COGNATUS) on a profit share basis.
– A contract and agreement will be set once your submission is chosen.

How Do I Apply ?
Items to send:
– Video of Monologue (.mp4 or .mov ONLY)
– Monologue Text (Microsoft Word Document or PDF ONLY)
Send both these items to via with the
following details –
Name :
Title of your Monologue:
(if you’d rather film yourself answering the same questions, that’s fine too.
Just send it along with the other 2 items mentioned above.
What about Copyright laws?
We expect all participants to have permission from all the artists/people involved
before you submit a piece for consideration and the responsibility for those
permissions lies with you. If someone approaches us and says they have not given
permission and you do not have documentation to say otherwise, we will
immediately remove the content.
For further information, interview opportunities or images, contact:
Nur Khairiyah |
For more information about RUMAH , please visit:
For more information about Cognatus , please visit:

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