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PAWA PANEL DISCUSSION – Women in the workplace:Is technology a friend or a foe?

LONDON, March 11 – To mark International Women’s Day, PAWA and the Nehru Centre hosted a panel discussion

on Women in the workplace: is technology a friend or a foe? on March 11th.

The proliferation of digital and automation technologies will have a tremendous impact on

the nature of work everywhere, and women will be disproportionately effected.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, automation could force more than 100 million women

globally to find new occupations by 2030. At the same time, advances in technology

are helping to create new growth industries and potential opportunities for women.

In India, more than 30% of IT employees are female, and in China, more than 50% of tech start-ups are

founded by women.

This panel provided insights from Asia, and discussed

how the social and policy context could help or hinder women from harnessing the benefits of technology.

The panel comprised: Lopa Patel, Debbie Widjaja and Diana Chan

The event was held at the Nehru Centre, London

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