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KewOrchids festival in Kew Gardens London

LONDON – The KewOrchids festival is back! Celebrating its 25th year, the Festival showcases the magnificent biodiversity of Indonesia for the first time ever.

Explore the wonders of Indonesia in Kew Gardens  25th annual orchid festival.



KewOrchids displays Indonesia’s wildlife & plant diversity. The central display in the glasshouse pond is absolutely gorgeous – an erupting volcano created from #orchids, #bromeliads & other tropical plants.

Visitors can not only in the beautiful orchids display but also immerse in the diverse culture of Indonesia through music performances every weekend and Indonesian culinary throughout the KewOrchids.

Rainforests and volcanoes are brought to life inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory through an exotic array of vibrant orchid displays.

Over 5,000 species of orchids can be found in Indonesia, alongside the staggering wildlife found nowhere else on earth.

It is  a celebration of the cultural and natural diversity that is scattered across the country’s archipelago of 17,504 islands, and the scientific discovery being made by Kew’s intrepid scientists.

After hours events features Indonesian music and cuisine and expert talks.

Orchids runs from 8 Feb to 8 Mar 2020.

Photos from Indonesian Embassy London, UK

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