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From Tangible to Intangible at KCCUK London

A Media Showcase of Kisa chin p’yori chinch’an uigwe

Photo: Revi Pillai

LONDON – The Korean Cultural Centre UK  in London presented a media showcase of ‘Kisa chin p’yori chinch’an uigwe’, a royal commemorative manuscript from 1809 which illustrates ceremonies conducted in honour of Lady Hyegyong, widow of Crown Prince Sado whose memoirs are celebrated for their historical significance to this day.

High-resolution digital images of the manuscript provided by the British Library was visualised using LG Electronics technology, developed for the showcase by Chung-Ang University.

Kisa chinp’yori chinch’an uigwe

Uigwe is a collection of Royal Protocols that records and prescribes through prose and colourful illustration the major ceremonies and rites of the royal family. The exquisite value of the Uigwe lies with its rarity.

This lavishly illustrated manuscript records detailed of writings and drawings about royal ceremonies at Changgyeonggung Palace.


Dr Boa Teresa Rhee

media show

The Media Showcase Kisa chin p’yori chinch’an uigwe was curated by Boa Teresa Rhee, Chung-Ang University.

The show is on from 9 – 22 January 2020

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