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Cannabis CBD Cannabidiol One of the Fastest-Growing Industries


By CTN News Chiang Rai Times December 5, 2019

Currently, the cannabis CBD cannabidiol business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The reason behind that is the increasing benefits of the full premium hemp extract. Unlike Marijuana, which comes with several health issues, cannabis CBD cannabidiol is proven to harbor health benefits with rare cases of toxicity. In conjunction with that, according to the World Health Organization, there have been no reported cases of lethal health complications caused by CBD products. That said, here is why CBD wholesale is ideal for your business.

CBD is Crucial for the Health Sector

In recent years, the topic of cannabis CBD led to many debates concerning issues with health, especially addiction and toxicity. The compound was illegal to sell or use in all the states of America. However, over time, scientists, researchers, and physicians have proved that CBD is very different from Marijuana as it contains only traces of THC.

THC is the primary compound associated with Marijuana and other drugs, which causes health complications such as mental diseases. As for cannabidiol, which contains almost 99% of hemp, international health organizations suggest that it may be one of the ultimate solutions for healing several diseases and improving the symptoms of chronic complications.

Perfect examples include anxiety, depression, stress disorders, persistent difficulties, high blood pressure, and immune system complications, among others. Therefore, investing in wholesale CBD does more good than harm because its demand for solving medical problems is and will keep increasing over the coming years.

Increase in Demand

Following evidenced-based statistics, the rate of consumption of cannabis CBD in the United States keeps increasing. Since the legalization of the hemp product in the year 2018, hemp producers are finding it easy profiting from their products. Considering the fact that CBD is legal in all the fifty states of America today, more than sixty million Americans use CBD on a daily or weekly basis.

This is a significant number compared to a few years back. However, research has it that by the year 2025, CBD consumption will have rose by at least 25%. The current net worth of the CBD industry in America alone is 11.3 billion dollars. By the year 2024, the figure is expected to be around 146 billion dollars.

Keep in mind that by that time, several other countries will have legalized the use and sale of CBD products. Hence, it is evident that the cannabidiol market is far from becoming stagnant. Investing in wholesale CBD could be a beneficial long-term investment as in security estates.

Cannabis CBD Products Diversity

Another good reason to invest in wholesale CBD is that the products are diverse. Thus, one can sell any CBD depending on their target market. At present, hemp comes in the form of capsules and pills, creams and lotions, edibles such as gummies, and vaping, among others. In short, suppose you decide to invest in wholesale CBD, you have a variety of products to select. If you are targeting the health industry, capsules, creams, and lotions are the best. Assuming that your target market is young people aiming for pleasure, vaping, edibles, and CBD joints will do you a favor.

Accommodates All Age-groups

Unlike Marijuana, which is mostly used by people who want to get high. Cannabis CBD is a product embraced by all age groups for different purposes. Some folks aim for health benefits, others for fitness, and some for recreational purposes. Also, some people purchase CBD pet care products as chewable treats and capsules. The bottom line is, cannabis CBD is here to stay and prosper. Thus, there is no reason you should not make CBD wholesale your significant business investment.

From: CHIANG RAI TIMES (THAILAND) December  5, 2019


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