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The Legatum Prosperity Index 2019 

LONDON – The Legatum Institute launched  the 13th edition of the Legatum Prosperity Index 2019 at the Institution of Civil Engineers,  November 27, 2019.

Baroness Philippa Stroud, CEO, Legatum Institute, addressing guests at the launch of the Legatum Prospertity Index 2019 at the Institution of Civil Engineers Photo: Legatum Institute

The 2019 Legatum Prosperity Index  reveals that, contrary to common assumption that wellbeing is deteriorating, in reality global prosperity has reached a new high, driven predominantly by more open economies and improved lived experiences.

The Index shows that, overall, the world is more prosperous than it has ever been, with Denmark overtaking Norway as the strongest performer.

North America remains the most prosperous region,

The Asia-Pacific region saw the greatest improvement and accounts for most of the global increase. Such is the improvement in prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region that it has closed the prosperity gap with Latin America and the Caribbean.

167 countries were measured and tracked for prosperity in this year’s Index..

Rankings of Asean countries:  16 Singapore, 41 Malaysia, 63 Indonesia, 66 Thailand, 84 Philippines 85 Vietnam, 116 Laos, 122 Cambodia, Myanmar 124

No data available for Brunei


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