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Myanmar brand Lu Lu Nation

NYEIN EI EI HTWE The Myanmar Times Fri, November 29, 2019

Ms Seng Lu. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar Times

Wearing her signature long red boots, and a large t-shirt that doubles as a skirt, Lu Lu’s introductory video is eye-catching. Sultry looks, pouting lips and getting drenched in water. Sexy? Of course.

But the model is not just your regular “sexy model” grabbing the attention of Myanmar’s younger generation. She is also a fashion designer, and the maker of striking t-shirts and well-cut dresses – things that are trendy, but still a bit edgy.

Her brand is called Lu Lu Nation, which was launched last September.

«I dreamt a lot about having my own brand since I was young, and wanted it to be based on my name. I’m now 26 years old and glad to see my dream has come true,» said M Seng Lu, the local “super model” who just returned from the Paris Fashion Week.

Another video on her Facebook page shows the model slender body, alongside the iconic Arc de Triomphe, whilst she sips wine and discusses the latest catwalk trends. Wearing lime-green cycling shorts and matching top, with a business suit-top and sash with the words “off white”, her style is what you might expect from an international catwalk aficionado.

Oh, and did she mention Louis Vuitton? It seems like the young fashion model and designer has helped bring Myanmar out of the fashion dark ages, and onto the international stage.

Ms Seng Lu’s fan wearing her Lu Lu Nation’s T-shirts. Photos – Supplied

M Seng Lu first started modelling in 2011, and says it’s only recently that attitudes have started to change in Myanmar. In the early days her parents were always supportive of what she wanted to do, despite starting in an industry that was – back then – just a handful of friends.

«I want to be in the modeling industry forever, and having this business is a way to support my beloved profession,» she said.

Having established her name as a fashion model, she decided to be more productive on the fashion front in October 2018. She released a series of t-shirt designs, featuring images of her blindfolded. It’s a design that’s become iconic of her brand, and has been cut-up and repurposed with different colours, other images and designs.

Since the release of this range of casual wear, the t-shirts have become her effigy – a unisex look that’s interesting, and comfortable.

«My fans really love the design. So far, it’s mainly fashion fans from overseas who like to buy my t-shirts, so at the moment we’d like to sell more here in Myanmar too.

M Seng Lu’s success is a matter of talent and timing, realising that now is the right time to promote both the fashion and modeling industries. Whether it is high-street looks or avant-garde make-up and punkish hair-styles, she seems to have what it takes to take the emerging local fashion scene by storm.

«In the past, we were only a few models who walked the catwalk with such small audiences, but now everyone in Myanmar seems to know us,» she said.

«In the old days, people thought models were only about looking beautiful, and having a firm body and fair skin, but people weren’t interested in their personal styles – or the effort that went into their look,» M Seng Lu added.

For upcoming clothing designs, she will collaborate with fashion designers for new styles and hopes to open a fashion-themed coffee shop. The ambitious model/business woman has also been working on a travel blog, sharing tips about fashion styles and places to visit from around the world.


From; THE MYANMAR TIMES (myanmar)  Fri, November 29, 2019

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