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EU issues support for investment in Cambodia

Taing Vida  Khmer Times November 27, 2019

EU ambassador Carmen Moreno meets with Senate president Say Chhum. Senate

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – EU Ambassador Carmen Moreno has vowed to bring more European investors into the Kingdom and pledged to uphold good relations between the EU and Cambodia.

During a meeting with Senate president Say Chhum yesterday, Ambassador Moreno acknowledged the country’s progress and improvement under the government’s recent reforms.

“Ambassador Moreno promised to help and encourage more investors from the EU to invest in Cambodia. She also admired the effort the Senate has put into adopting laws and educating people about the country’s development and national policy,” a Senate statement noted.

Ms Moreno also added she fully supports the policies of the government, National Assembly and Senate.

She noted economic growth and development in Cambodia, saying that the country will achieve its goals to becoming a middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050.

“In her mission, Ambassador Moreno said she will ensure better relations, friendship, and cooperation between the Cambodian government, Senate, National Assembly and the EU,” the statement said.

In the statement, Mr Chhum said he hopes Ms Moreno will promote greater bilateral cooperation in all fields between Cambodia and the EU.

Mr Chhum noted Cambodia and the EU first established diplomatic links in 1994.

“Mr Chhum thanked the EU for its financial support for the development of the National Strategic Development Plan, and for the socio-economic sector, trade facilitation, infrastructure, education, health and other sectors,” the statement said.

Mr Chhum also noted in the statement that the volume of trade between Cambodia and the EU has increased moderately, which contributes to promoting economic growth and poverty reduction in the Kingdom.

He also asked Ms Moreno to help mobilise more tourists to visit Cambodia.

“Cambodia has been striving to streamline and simplify its internal procedures to make it easier for investors and visitors. Cambodia has many cultural attractions and eco-tourist attractions,” Mr Chhum said.

From: KHMER TIMES (CAMBODIA) November 27, 2019

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