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Indonesia hijabi sex manual author appears in condom ad, internet applauds

Gisela Swaragita The Jakarta Post Tue, November 12, 2019

Citra, who wears a hijab, appeared in a banner ad showing a promotional bundle which consisted of her book, a box of condoms and a “joy kit”.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Bank employee, mother of two and Instagram influencer Citra Ayu Mustika has shocked and amused netizens with an advertisement for her book, Uncensored, that appeared in the online adult shop

Citra, who wears a hijab, appeared in a banner ad showing a promotional bundle which consisted of her book, a box of condoms and a “joy kit”, a bonus for those who buy the book through the website.

Twitter account @redditindonesia made fun of the ad in its post on Monday.

I run out of clever caption via /r/indonesia 

The website describes Citra’s book as a set of “guidelines for solehot wives”, a pun that combines the words solehah (pious woman) and ‘hot’, or sexy.

Netizens quickly pointed out another line in the ad — a caption taken from Citra’s book: “My hobby is traveling. His body is my favorite destination.”

A mother of two, Citra is known for the bold posts on her Instagram account @olevelove. She explores topics such as breastfeeding and post-natal sex. She also shares sex tips with her more than 137,000 followers and uses the hashtag #teronglyf, referring to a terong (eggplant), which is the picture on her book cover.

Her followers, especially young mothers who related to her posts, commended the ad and Citra’s boldness. They questioned the view that hijabi women should stay silent about sex.


“I am annoyed. This is not about hijabi women or halal condoms. She is @olevelove, an Instagram celebrity who has shared many things about breastfeeding and new parents’ sex lives. This is a bold move for hijabi mothers. FYI, [in the ad] it is her own photo, her book and her tagline,” Twitter user @juliajasminee said.

“And besides, is there anything wrong with a hijabi woman in a condom ad? Aren’t we allowed to buy contraceptives?” she added.


Another Twitter user @nicahtwit applauded the book which she said opened the discussion about sex after children, a topic not many people had dared to bring up.

Sex education in general in Indonesia is still frowned upon as it remains an uncomfortable subject for many parents in the country.

A few months earlier, teen drama film Dua Garis Biru attracted millions of viewers and was praised for exploring sex education, something that has been seen as a taboo in Indonesian society.

The movie also sparked debates about its unwanted pregnancy premise. Many said it was inappropriate; others said it raised the important issue of sex education in the country.

Citra’s followers consider her Instagram account a groundbreaking way to talk about sex without being tangled in stereotypes and vulgarity.


On her feed, Citra unashamedly shares intimate stories about her and her husband along with tips on breastfeeding success for working mothers.

As of the time of writing on Monday, Citra’s likeness appears to have been removed from the ad. (gis)

From: THE JAKARTA POST (INDONESIA) November 12, 2019

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