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Indonesia House Member Polygamy Grabs Public Attention


JAKARTA – One particular moment that happened to attract public attention in the House of Representatives (DPR) inauguration on Wednesday, was a photo of NasDem Party legislator Lora Fadil posing together with his three wives.

DPR General secretary Indra Iskandar asserts that the House will only provide rights, such as allowance, for one wife.

“We will only provide supports for one wife,” said Indra Iskandar today, October 3.

Asked about his comments regarding his photo that went viral on social platforms, Fadil said that he intentionally took his three legitimate wives to the House inauguration to let the media know about his polygamy.

“I’m showing a good example as a responsible man. Marry under legal terms, instead of marrying someone unofficially (often known as nikah siri). We must respect the rights of women,” said the legislator.

According to Fadil, he has spent 22 years practicing polygamy and spent the last 8 years together with three wives. He took his official House member photo in 2009, serving his first term, with two wives. While in 2013, he was already married with three wives.

From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) October 3, 2019

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