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No shame marrying a lorry driver: Malaysian master’s grad claps back on negative comments

No shame marrying a lorry driver: Malaysian master’s grad claps back on negative comments

By MELANIE CHALIL Malay Mail Monday, 14 October 2019

Happily wedded Zuraiha and Hafis tied the knot in August much to the disapproval of villagers and relatives. – Picture from Twitter/@AzuraOrkid

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia – A wedding should be a happy occasion but that’s not always the case, especially when couples are judged based on their occupation.

Zuraiha Zaini got a bitter taste of nosy villagers and relatives who criticised her for marrying a lorry driver.

It was a job title that many did not think was a good match for the bride’s master’s education.

“I’m a teacher, he’s a truck driver. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, he only has SPM.

“The villagers criticised my parents saying, ‘smart daughter but married a lorry driver.’ Dear aunty, it’s not dishonourable to marry a lorry driver,” wrote Zuraiha on Twitter using the handle @AzuraOrkid.

Her story has been retweeted 20,000 times since it was posted last week.

The 27-year-old who tied the knot in August said she was proud of marrying her now-husband Mohd Hafis Hozahli.

The Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim, Perak met Hafis in secondary school more than 10 years ago.

While she continued her studies and graduated with a masters in printmaking, her future husband did not have the opportunity to further his studies and only completed a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

She told mStar he started doing odd jobs in the village and later on became a lorry driver. He left the village in Sabak Bernam, Selangor when they were engaged in January.

Zuraiha said her relationship was not well received and the couple was victims of unkind words from relatives.

“There were cousins who asked why I didn’t marry a teacher or someone from my university. I was asked that less than 24 hours of my akad nikah (solemnisation),” she told the Malay language publication.

“During the reception, villagers asked my parents why I have a master’s but married a lorry driver? It was not suitable, they said.”

Despite the disapproval, she was proud to tell others that her soulmate was a lorry driver.

Zuraiha added that she was set on a dowry (wang hantaran) of less than RM10,000 and did not see view education as a reason to set a higher dowry.

“I’m so grateful that during my engagement, my family decided on an amount that was appropriate for the groom’s family.

“They later on gifted RM8,000, an amount that was higher than what was suggested,” the eldest of eight siblings said.

She revealed that her husband’s income was double of what she earns monthly.

“Don’t look down on someone just because they drive a truck. Our family accepted him because he is responsible, patient and helpful.

“For me, the wang hantaran doesn’t have to reflect one’s education level. What’s compulsory is the mas kahwin and our wedding was modest,” she said.

She added that the most important thing was to marry a person who would be a responsible head of family.


From: MALAY MAIL (Malaysia) Monday, October 14, 2019

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