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‘My clothes aren’t the problem, it’s your mentality!’ Malaysia Rapper Zizi Kirana hits back at online hate

BY TAN MEI ZI Malay Mail Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Zizi said her critics should focus on improving themselves first before getting their nose into other people’s business. — Picture from Instagram/zizi_kirana

PETALING JAYA, July 10 — Local artist Zizi Kirana has told off online haters who continue to chide her for removing her hijab.

The rapper who previously wore a headscarf throughout Ramadan, attracted criticism when she removed it once the holy month was over.

Zizi was quick to brush off the hate, saying that negative and lewd comments from online strangers would continue to come her way no matter what she wore.

“There are some who leave comments telling me that I still look sexy even when I’m wearing a tudung.

“Truthfully, my clothes aren’t the problem, it’s their spirit and mentality that have issues,” she told Malay portal Media Hiburan.

The Nak Ke Tak Nak singer added that her critics ought to take a good look in the mirror before bashing her next time.

“There’s no point if there are people out there who want to get mad at me. Those people need to work on themselves first.”

The Sabahan musician previously lamented how “desperate” and “mentally disturbed” men were leaving sexually explicit comments on her Instagram during Ramadan, including on pictures where she wore a headscarf.

Such cases are common for Malaysian celebrities on social media, with actress Mira Filzah promising to take legal action against those leaving obscene comments on her Instagram if they failed to cease doing so.



From: THE MALAY MAIL (Malaysia) Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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