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Borobudur Introduces Special Routes for Foreign Tourists

Antara TEMPO.CO, April 21, 2019

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Borobudur Temple Tourism Park in Magelang, Central Java, will introduce a special route for foreign tourists visiting the world cultural heritage temple.

The General Manager of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park I Gusti Putu Ngurah Sedana in Magelang, Saturday said the special route was meant to ensure tourists received the best service. “Visitors do not want disturbances or obstacles while entering the temple. They want to safely and comfortably get to the temple,” he said.

According to him, the special routes for foreign tourists were immediately realized, because the months of July, August, September and October usually saw the most number of foreign tourists.

He said that with the best service, when they returned to their country, they could speak about their safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience at the Borobudur Temple, so that more tourists visit the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

“From Maingate, tourists can head straight to the temple and get out via an electric car and back to the parking lot,” he said.

According to him the route for foreign tourists has been changed in such a way that tourists who come feel comfortable.



From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) April 21, 2019

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