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Wonderful Indonesia promoted on London buses, taxis

THE JAKARTA POST Monday November, 12, 2018


Wonderful Indonesia advertisements are showing off popular tourist destinations, such as Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara. (The Tourism Ministry on Facebook/File)

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Under the Wonderful Indonesia brand, images of Indonesia’s tourist destinations are being advertised on taxis and buses in London, the United Kingdom, until the end of November.

The campaign coincided with the Tourism Ministry’s involvement at the 2018 World Travel Market (WTM), held from Nov. 5 to 7 at ExCeL London.

The ministry’s official Facebook page specifies that the advertisements are being displayed on 350 taxis, including the country’s iconic black cabs, and 15 buses. The ads wrap around almost the entire taxi, while, on the buses, they are located only on the back.

The Tourism Ministry stated that the ads were being displayed on 350 taxis and 15 buses. (The Tourism Ministry on Facebook/File)

According to kompas.comthe ads feature tourist destinations and the culture of Indonesia, including Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Mount Bromo in East Java, Padar Island in East Nusa Tenggara, the Gandrung dance from East Java’s Banyuwangi and the Legong dance from Bali.

Nia Niscaya, the ministry’s undersecretary for marketing development, said several strategies were put in motion to introduce Indonesia to the world. “One of them is branding on black cabs,” Nia said, adding that the vehicle was selected because, as a taxi, it was exposed to many people.

Borobudur temple is featured on a black taxi. (The Tourism Ministry on Facebook/File)

This is not the ministry’s first time promoting the brand on buses and taxis. In 2016, five buses and 400 taxis featured Wonderful Indonesia images from October to November.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the campaign was considered necessary despite the brand being known internationally. “We have to introduce new and interesting things to travelers. We should make them curious about Wonderful Indonesia and [encourage them] to visit our country,” Arief said. (wir/wng)

From: THE JAKARTA POST (Indonesia) Monday November 12, 2018

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