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Indonesia Press Council: Sermons are not News Material

TEMPO.CO Sunday April 15, 2018

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Member of the Press Council Jimmy Silalahi stated that the substance of a sermon or religious lectures alone should not be presented as news by the media.

“The press council does not recommend the press to present the contents of sermons to be used as news material,” said Jimmy in a media gathering in Bogor, West Java on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Jimmy said that whatever happens, the press must be able to respect the substance of a religious lecture, which he argues is a private affair, even though it is often conducted in open spaces and is often announced to the surrounding neighborhood.

“It is an exception if it’s a non-religious lecture that is held in public,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy suggested that media agency who intends to quote a religious speech must first clarify the issue to the lecturer, and must be followed by a research for a comparison material.


From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) Sunday April 15, 2018

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