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The Charm of Situ Gunung in West Java



The view of Situ Gunung at Gede Pangrango National Park in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. TEMPO/Frannoto

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Situ Gunung is a tourist destination located at Gede Pangrango National Park in Sukabumi, West Java. Situated at the foot of Mount Pangrango, it offers stunning scenery and fresh air. It was also used as a location of a film entitled Naura Dan Genk Juara (Naura And The Champions Gang).

Situ Gunung boasts a lake and water fall called Curug Sawer. From the gate, the lake can be accessed by heading left after entering the gate. Menwhile, visitors who want to visit the waterfall will be directed to right from the entrance gate.

Visitors will have to walk about a kilometer to reach the lake and rent a motorcycle taxi to access Curug Sawer. However, the trip is totally worth it. They can explore the lake on a boat or set up a camp to spend the night.

Several campsites have bathroom facilities. Visitors must prepare and cook their own food since not many people sell food and beverages. They are also suggested to wear jackets as the temperature could be freezing. Visitors of Curug Sawer are also advised to be careful with leeches.

On regular days, the ticket to Situ Gunung is available for Rp11,000. Meanwhile on holidays or weekends, the management charges Rp13,500 for a ticket. The price will be discounted to Rp8,000 per ticket for a group consisting of at least ten members.


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From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) Sunday November 26, 2017


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