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Stop Trident march in London

LONDON Saturday Feb 27, 2016


Over 60,000 people from across the world marched from Marble Arch to rally in Trafalgar Square. for Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear weapons rally in a generation, Saturday 27 February 2016. The mood was buoyant and spirited despite the cold. Many waved placards with phrases including “Books Not Bombs”, “Cut War Not Welfare” and “NHS Not Trident”. A common theme among protesters was the cost of renewing Trident during a period of austerity.

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The event also received significant international support with campaigners from Japan, the only country to have suffered an attack by an atomic bomb, urging Britain to work towards disarmament.

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Gensuikyo, the Japan Council against A and H Bombs, joined similar organisations from France, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand and the US in sending messages of support and solidarity to the CND.

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