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Bada Song ‘This Way & That’ Exhibition


Bada Song at Asia House

London-based Korean artist Bada Song creates minimal works that subtly depict Korean traditions as they undergo rapid modernisation.
A long running series of drawings by the artist refers to traditional tiled roofs (giwa-chibung) now giving way to generic towering apartment blocks in megacities like Seoul. For Song, the roof tile is also symbolic of human vulnerability and the need for shelter.
The tile thus becomes subtly suggestive of a yearning for the Korean homeland. Bada Song has assembled a group of recent works that seek to transmit a singular voice emerging from diverse processes – video, photography, sound, sculpture, installation and drawing.
Song describes herself as a sculptor who is bringing Korean traditions into dialogue with modern and contemporary art and society between East and West.
She has also exhibited internationally.
The exhibition This Way & That runs from 16 December until 9 January at Asia House. www.

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