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Singapore Women’s group ‘Tinted Wateva’ helps brown Asian women grow their businesses 

By Anna Maria Romero THE INDEPENDENT SG April 18, 2022

Photo: Tinted Wateva

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The ‘Tinted Wateva’ are two determined female entrepreneurs who are proving that ambition and empathy aren’t necessarily exclusive.

 “It’s the story of women supporting women,” Tinted Wateva, a new growth and networking platform determined on helping brown Asian women’s businesses succeed.

The group lends a helping hand to brown businesswomen in Asia for them to expand their “brand presence and their confidence through our community support, networking events, masterclasses and social events.”

The seed of Tinted Wateva began when Lavania Hajji met Shifaa Sheikh, then 17 and in college, who wanted to earn some extra cash through her social media skills. Lavania stepped in and went on to become not only Shifaa’s first real client but, as what often happens when women care for one another, she also became a business mentor and a good friend to Shifaa.

As the years went by and her skills grew, Shifaa in turn supported Lavania, ending up helping her grow her business.

The two ended up founding Tinted Wateva.

“Both Lavania and Shifaa realised how much they’ve grown from just believing in each other and felt like there was a calling to expand this mutual support to other women. 

Thus, Tinted Wateva was born!,” the group told TISG.

This demographic often needs an extra boost, with Tinted Wateva saying that although they “have a lot to offer”, unfortunately,  “because of stereotypes or bias, are overlooked or underestimated.”

“The challenges faced by brown Asian women revolve around the undeniable reality that they are rarely attempted to be understood, deciphered or studied. They are lumped into all-encompassing stereotypes, possessing archaic customs that hindered and stymied ‘true’ female empowerment,” Tinted Wateva said in a recent press release, citing a recent incident of designer Priscilla Shunmugam’s remarks on ethnicity as an example of this stereotype.

And so Tinted Wateva steps in, by uplifting these women and “unlocking their potential… by bringing in powerful brown women to guide & inspire our community.”

The group keeps the businesswomen accountable by checking on them and keeping track of their weekly goals. Tinted Wateva takes a “personal and customized” approach to help each one.

Perhaps most significantly, the group says it is “we are a welcoming community for all who look for a networking space they can fit in despite not having much experience or not having big names.”

And to top it all off, the group promises every woman who joins Tinted Wateva that she will be transformed into someone who “shines with confidence, feels supported, and more daring.”

“We know the power of a community of women supporting you. We have the unique and perfect mix in our community, big names, women who are experts and thriving in their business, as well as ambitious women who are just starting out or owners of growing businesses. In our community, there’s no segregation or arrogance, it’s a friendly thriving community of women supporting each other to build a life they love,” the group says.

Tinted Wateva can now be found across 8 countries and counts 1000 businesswomen among its ranks.



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