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Online cooking demo brings Malaysian taste to Cambodia

Taing Rinith Khmer Times Mon, February 22, 2021

Malaysian Ambassador Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim and the members of the Ladies Association of the Embassy of Malaysia in a group photo during the cooking demo on Friday. KT/Tep Sony

PHNOM PENH – The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), in collaboration with the Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia, on Friday held a cooking demonstration in Khmer language aimed at promoting Malaysian dishes and culinary culture in the Kingdom.

Masdiana Mohamad, president of the Ladies Association of the Embassy of Malaysia (PERWAKILAN Phnom Penh) and wife of Malaysian Ambassador Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim, and Yuhiza Md Yusop, PERWAKILAN vice president, hosted the cooking demonstration which was broadcast on the Facebook pages of MTPB and the Malaysian Embassy.

“The purpose of this cooking demonstration was to promote the understanding of culinary cultures between Cambodians and Malaysians,” said Pot Rany, MTPB marketing manager. “It is also to bring the true Malaysian flavour to Cambodians, who have not been able to visit Malaysia for quite a while due to the pandemic.”

The dish of the day featured in the special live broadcast was the simple but tasty Malaysian chicken curry with Roti Jala as an accompaniment. While Cambodia has its own derivative of chicken curry, the Malaysian style gives the dish a very different taste. Roti Jala, in the meantime, is a popular and pretty snack which plays a very big part in Malay cuisine.

The broadcast was very popular, being watched by over 1,000 people when it went live on social media. Viewers have left positive comments, with many saying that they could not wait to prepare and enjoy the dishes themselves.

Masdiana said the dishes are very easy to make while ingredients for the dishes can be found everywhere in Cambodia.

“I am very satisfied to be able to bring the food of Malaysia to Cambodians during this time, as Cambodians unfortunately have not been able to fly to Malaysia and enjoy our rich culinary culture,” she told Khmer Times at the Malaysian Embassy after the cooking demonstration ended.

“Malaysian cuisine and Cambodian cuisine are similar in terms of recipes and ingredients, especially the desserts. Learning about the cuisines, I believe, will make the two peoples even closer,” she added.

SOURCE: Khmer Times, Cambodia Mon, February 22, 2021

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