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INDONESIA – The painter behind ‘pecel lele’ banners

Reno Surya The Jakarta Post  Mon, February 22, 2021  

Teguh Wahono is the pioneer of pecel lele banner painting (Courtesy of Yongki Satria/Yongki Satria)

YOGYAKARTA  – A middle-aged man, with a flat cap on his head and a collared shirt, sat quietly as his eyes stared down the 12-square-meter banner in front of him.

The flashy neon green fabric was still plain.

There were only thin sketches of chickens, gourami fish and other drawings of animals recognizable on the banners of a pecel lele warung (deep-fried catfish food stall).

 Pecel lele is of course the popular Indonesian dish that originated in Lamongan, East Java, but now can be had anywhere across the country.

Many times he tried to land his brush to embolden the sketch lines, yet over and over again he refrained from doing so – inspiration was not with him today.

His name is Teguh Wahono, the unsung maestro who created the iconic pecel lele banner, whose style is so ubiquitous that it is difficult to think of any other drawing style warung banners would employ.

SOURCE: The Jakarta Post, Indonesia  Mon, February 22, 2021  

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