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Thai and foreign tourists head to the spectacular Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani

Thai and foreign tourists head to the spectacular Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani

By The Thaiger & The Nation December 1, 2019

PHOTO: The Nation

BANGKOK – Thai and and foreign tourists are flocking to the Nong Han Lake, aka Red Lotus Lake, in Udon Thani to catch the spectacular display of natural bright pink lotuses blossoming. The phenomenon occurs each year during December and January.

The lake, located in Kumphawapee district, Udon Thani, is famous for its annual natural carpets of water lilies floating on the lake’s surface. Coupled with the cool weather at this time of the year in the north-east, tourists flock to the area to escape the heat of the city.

It’s only after clambering aboard and travelling for twenty minutes or so into the heart of Nong Han Lake that the scene begins to change. Now you can see the ‘Talay Bua Daeng‘… the Red Lotus Sea.

Locals say the pink-coloured flowers are actually tropical water lilies. Although the blooms resemble lotuses, the leaves and flowers of the lotus usually rise above the water surface whereas the leaves and flowers of the water lily usually just float on the surface of the water. However, the exception to this are tropical water lilies where the leaves float on the surface and their flowers rise around 15 centimetres above the water, as is the case on Nong Han Lake.

Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake is around 8 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide, The freshwater lake at Nong Han Kumphawapi is an important water source that sustains a variety of fish, birds and plants. The lake feeds into the Lam Pao River, another waterway which plays a significant role for the inhabitants of Udon Thani province.

Local folklore recalls a tragic love triangle involving a princess called Nang Ai and two of her suitors, Prince Phadaeng and Prince Pangkhee. According to legend, Prince Phadaeng wanted to avenge the death of Nang Ai and a fierce battle ensued with an army of mythical nagas. The serpent army flooded the scene of the battle resulting in the formation of Nong Han Lake.

The Red Lotus Sea (Nong Han Lake Kumphawapi) is located approximately 40 kilometres south-east of Udon Thani city. The boats depart from Ban Diam on the northern part of the lake. The best way to get there is to rent a car, hire a taxi or visit the lake as part of a tour.

SOURCE: The Nation |

From: THAIGER (THAILAND) December 1, 2019


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